Evolving - The Family Room Before & .....

Have you ever had one of those rooms (or all of those rooms) that just evolves? You don't really know what it's going to turn into until it has turned.

That would be our family room.

This is the room when we first saw the house. (previous owners)

Not too ugly, but not me at all.

These pictures make it look like a dark and rather dreary room, when really it's just the opposite.

I had no idea what I was going to do in this room, and I'm still not sure. So I'm letting it figure it out on its own.

Let us see what it's come up with so far...

Someday I think it will sprout some kind of something on the walls...

A different color. Perhaps white? Some faux planks? Board and batten?

It hasn't decided yet, so I'm just going to sit back and let it simmer for a while.

It asked for wood floor but we had to refuse. We have an inground pool and two little boys that want to bring the pool inside. So, tile it will remain.

It stays messy with toys most of the time, and it seems ok with that. Which is good. I don't see that changing for a while.

Someday the window will get replaced with a bigger one. Some faaar off day.

This room has asked to be done on a very small budget. About $25 dollars or so.

Mainly it has collected the other rooms cast offs. It's ok with that. I asked.

It changes its accessories more often than we can keep up with.

Like I said, it's evolving.

Who knows where it will go next...

Join me tomorrow for We Can Do It Cheaper!




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