Do It Cheaper With Ikea

So I worked really hard on a project this weekend, but unfortunately it's not ready to be displayed here. Tune in later this week...

I was perusing Ikea and Pottery Barn sorta kinda at the same time the other day and I was struck by the similarities of so many things. I only made it through the lighting section but I decided to share some of what I found with you.

Get your own twine or jute and make a twin of this one.
Pottery Barn Jute Wrapped Chandelier $299
Ikea Black Chandelier $39

Ikea Glass Pendant $19
Pottery Barn Glass Pendant $79 - $129

A little spray paint would make these two look even more alike.Ikea Silver Pendant $19
Pottery Barn Black Pendant $199

Ikea Work Lamp $39
Pottery Barn Task Lamp $119
Ikea Work Lamp $39

I found many more as well, but don't want to overwhelm you with the possibilities! I am no way saying that the quality is the same, I actually have no idea, but you really can't beat those prices. I plan on grabbing one of those silver pendants and spraying it black/bronze and hang it in my dining room (it's a very small space).

So what do you think! I, for one am hooked. I plan on heading back over soon and finding more matching things for Cheaper!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Don't forget that I plan on showing you more of my pool house this week. Come on back!


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