A Winner and Some Great Looking Stuff!

The winner of the vinyl giveaway is Ellen from Creative Passage. Congratulations Ellen. Any of you who are in the need of a vinyl or two, stop by ACJInspirations and go shopping! She does a great job!

On to other great stuff. I mentioned before that we met some great people at Antique Alley. Just down the isle from us on the corner was a booth that caught all of our attention right away. In fact, one of my friends bought a highchair from them while we were all still setting up. They had the most AMAZING booth and the neatest stuff, plus the fact that they where a great buch of people. We all ended up with a few items from each others booths by the end of the show (more on that).

These are just a small portion of the pictures I took of their booth. I was like a booth stalker.
Everytime they turned around, there I was.
I did finally buy some stuff though.

I got the most amazing (have I used that word before?), chippy table from them. I'll show you soon!

They had a TON of these old wooden spools starting out, they were snatched up like cupcakes on clearance so that just a few remained. A couple of them made it home in my van though (yes I paid for them. They just didn't "hide" in my pockets right)

They will be back to Antique Alley in the spring. Same spot and all! I can't wait to go stalk see them.



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