My New Yummy Stuff {no you can't eat it}

I did manage to pick up a few cool things for myself at Antique Alley. You know when you see an item and you feel something inside of you pulling you to it and you know you'll regret it so terribly if you don't go purchase that item right away? Ok, so sometime I feel that way and no matter what I feel, the price tag just doesn't feel the same way about me.
BUT, not so with my wonderful chippy table.

It was love at first sight.

I think you'll agree.

Inhale...Exhale. Ahhhhhhh.

That green light shade sitting on the table was a bargain for just 50 cents. Not sure where it will hang, but I love the color and the price!

I also found this very pretty old crate for a measly $5. It was almost a crime not to buy it.
Ahhh, this candy cane stool has lovely metal legs with touches of paint here and there. Though the material was cute, it just wasn't me. It is now covered in a scrap of drop cloth.

I also bought an old metal basket. I wish I had about 10 more of them.

Tomorrow I'm going to Canton, TX to one of the oldest recorded flea markets. Canton Trade Days is something that everyone should experience at some point. I can't wait to share my finds with you!

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