Antique Alley Update

Yeeeess, I do have pictures. Did I load them or edit them yet? Nope. I'm tired. Really tired. 5:50AM came waaaaay earlier than normal. Or maybe it was the same time as it always comes but I'm not normally awake to greet it.

I got bad news. Today was not good. Not good at all. We had lots of lovely people stop by and say how cute and great our booth was, but.... hardly any buyers at all. I'm sad and a little depressed about it, but hope things will be better tomorrow. People that have been doing booths there for years said that this was the slowest they had ever seen it. Great. I guess the recession is not just a myth. Keep your fingers crossed for us. I may just be doing a sale right out of my house or off my blog. Any of you close to DFW, let me know if you would be interested! (or if you know of a place nearby that would be better for our style of stuff)

On a side note. The lovely white wreath you all saw below is made out of coffee filters!!! It was so easy and so cheap! I will be doing a tutorial next week for those that want to know the exact details. I promise this is so easy your husband could do it;-)

Thanks for all the sweet comments about my stuff! I wish all of you all could come tomorrow!!!


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