We Can Do It Cheaper - Coffee Filter Wreath Tutorial

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This is one We Can Do It Cheaper project that is so easy and cheap you almost have to try it!

You only need three simple things to make this one:
1. Wreath
2. Coffee Filters
3. Glue Gun

I got the wreath and coffee filters from $Tree. So I really pulled out the big bucks for this one.

Put your wreath on something (like this handy piece of paper) so that you don't get hot glue all over your table. Or lap. Or pool table.

Stare at the wreath for a few minutes while your glue gun heats up. Keep pushing the glue gun button over and over until it has no choice but to spit out some lukewarm glue.
Open your pack of 5,000 coffee filters and think to yourself "there is NO WAY I will use half of these!". Uh, yes you will, but you only spent a dollar on them so you're ok with this in the end.
Try various ways to get the right look till you settle on this one... somewhat flatten the coffee filter together then pinch the bottom and give it a little twist. Pretend it's someone you don't like. Have fun doing this 4,789 times.
The rest is self explanatory (no offense), as was the first part. Sit back and enjoy your wreath. Or spend a weekend in 95 degree weather trying to sell it to people that LOVE it but don't buy it. I'm not bitter, it looks good in my bedroom.
Add something to the middle, like a starfish, a lock of your child's hair or something of the like...

You can also dip the edges of the filters into dye or tea/coffee to give it a different look. (this tip came from my MUCH older, much wiser sister)

If you hate it, well ya only spent $2!

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