I've Won.... Big Time!

Hey all,
Good things are happening and I just got to share. I have been the lucky winner of not one, but two giveaways!!
The first thing I won was from My Heart With Pleasure Fills to this cute Etsy Store where I had her make me some awesome vinyl numbers that I can't wait to use and show you all. (Stay tuned next week since she has been so sweet to let me do a giveaway on my blog from her too!)

My second win was just this morning! I was so, so excited to see my name up in lights over at Urban Farmgirl! I won her $60 CSN Store Giveaway! (how many exclamation marks are allowed in a post anyway?) I love, love her blog and she is one of those super talented woman that makes me love/hate them at the same time;-)
The good news for all of us that she's getting ready to open an Etsy store. I can't wait to see it!

By the way, I have it on good authority that there is a giveaway from my very own Etsy store going on over here. Check it out!! Thank you to Jane for doing it!

Thank you to all of you!!! Have a great weekend and safe holiday!


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