What In The World Was I So Busy With??

As I sat in our booth at Antique Alley, I kept looking around thinking "What in tarnation was I so busy doing these last few weeks?". As looked again the memories started lapping over me like little waves. Then giant tidal waves. (I even started to feel trickles of water but then realized it was sweat)

Ahhh, so that's what I was doing!
I took this plain old shutter and changed it up a little.

I found this picture at a yard sale and decided the frame needed some updating.
I painted it, sanded a little then glazed it with two different colors to age it.

This little table stumped me for a while. I decided the lines of it were a little french looking and dry brushed the top with white and the bottom with a soft gray. After a little sanding I was happy with the final look.

I showed you this chair makeover before. I am still on the hunt for another one like it. It was worth the money I made on it but oh how I miss this chair. (even if it did only grace my home for a few days)

I will NEVER try to redo another desk like this! I got this off of Craigslist and started ta workn'. It kicked me in the proverbial tail end. I hated painting all those flat surfaces and the whole back of it had to be painted too of course. The end result was good and I sold it on Craigslist again for just a little more;-)

I found this frame with the little hook thingies on it and a cracked mirror at Hobby Lobby on clearance. Decided to make it into a rustic chalkboard. I actually was not thrilled with the final result, but had no time to redo it and it sold it anyway.
In my spare time I worked on a few other things.
These numbered, deco balls which you can now find in my Etsy store.
A few pillows that I had lots of fun thinking of but hated every second of cutting them out!

So at the end of the day I did figure out what I had been doing. I also decided that if I ever do another show, I'll start working on stuff more that 3 weeks before. Maybe 3 years.
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