Antique Alley Day 2 & 3.. Ahhh Much Better!

So I kinda left you all hanging in my state of depression there. Sorry:-(
Good news though! Saturday was much, much better and we even got some business Sunday despite the Cowboys game. The best part of the whole time though was that we met some really great people! We made a lot of contacts, passed out a lot of "business cards" (our info was hastily written on some price cards)! Some of you readers even stopped by! I was especially glad to meet Gina from this lovely blog. Gina is the one that inspired me to try making signs, so I owe her a big thank you! She also bought one of my numbered stools (click over to her site and see her project room reveal, with my humble stool in it)!

Ready for some pictures? Today I will just share some shots I took of our booth. Come back tomorrow and see some pictures of what we called "our favorite booth". We all came home with a souvenir from their booth;-)

Remember, I did this with two other friends, so a lot of the great stuff you see is theirs!

One of my friends is a photographer, and she and her husband took these pictures and made these amazing frames! You can find their blog here.

Remeber seeing this desk before? I redid it and it turned out really nice. Unfortunitly it is once more sitting in our garage, waiting to be listed on Craigslist.
The other couple that did this show with us made decor and furniture. He is a cabinet builder and made some really, really beautiful furniture for the show as well as these "EAT" letters above.

So anyway, though we probably won't be doing that show again we may try a different one someday. We will always go back to shop at Antique Alley though!!!

This is the last day to enter my vinyl giveaway, so if you have yet to do that, then go ahead!


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