Cozy hallways

Earlier this week I discovered hardwood floors hiding under the crappy carpet upstairs. It took me 10 months to find it, which is weird, because I totally swore that I checked shortly after we moved in and found nothing but subfloor. So maybe I dreamed that part?

Anyway, I peeked under the carpet in the hallway and remaining two bedrooms and found more hardwood! The hallway has been patched with mismatched wood in a couple of places, which means we'll have to put down new hardwood, or find a way to hide the patched area (at least we've got a supply of original flooring if the other two bedrooms have similarly-patched or severely damaged areas). And what better way to hide an ugly floor than with a pretty rug? Ok, all of these hallways have nice floors, but I love how the rugs help create a cozy, more intimate space.

Source unknown. Found via Pinterest here.

Found on Pinterest here.

 Spotted here.

 Found on Pinterest via.


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