Pillow Love

When I was at my sisters house I saw a pillow on her sofa that I fell in love like with.

It's the one on the far left with the number #1 on it.
Cool eh?

I decided to make one up myself.

I used a piece of a curtain from Ikea that I have used for tons of things and I still have more left.
(Love their curtains!)

This took me about 45 minutes to make from start to finish.
I printed out the number as big as I could, cut it out then simply used it as a pattern.
I actually cut out some drop cloth too and backed the 3 with it for a little more texture and bulk.

I always use a very simple pocket method when I make pillows then sew in around the edges to give them a more finished look.
It then in turn inspired me to make the little striped one next to it:-)
You just never know where inspiration may lead you!

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