My New Coat Rack

While everyone else is posting recaps, I'm still trying to catch you up on what I've done this year before I recap it:-)

My front hall looks like your entering an apartment.
It's ugly and boring to be frank and it's fixing to get its second makeover.
You can see its first makeover  here.

I sold the shelf that I built...

Remember my philosophy on buying/building cheap and selling big?
That's what I did.
The main reason is because that shelf was really more romantic and dreamy than I was wanting.
(It totally had NOTHING to do with making money on it. Really. No for real)

My new one is all manly!

Check him out.

I have big plans for this space so pretty soon my little hook thingy won't look quite so forlorn.

The best thing about him other than his rugged handsomeness?
He cost me $4 and about 30 minutes to build.

He's a keeper.
Until someone wants to buy him...:-)



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