Sponsored Post: Decorating for the kids

As I previously mentioned, Canadian Tire approached me to be a part of their "Decor Crew" this season. The following post was sponsored by the lovely folks at Canadian Tire. Please read the bottom of the post for the details of this sponsorship.

In my last post I showed you how I worked the Christmas Balls that Canadian Tire sent me into my Dining Room. Today's post, (my second post out of four) is going to show you kids decor. When I opened the box that had a big red bow from Canadian Tire, I spotted 4 fun things, obviously geared to the Master of the House - our One and a 1/5 year old child, Oscar. Included in the box was [1]Tabletop Snowman [$14.99] [2] Topsy Turvey Christmas Tree [$24.99] [3] Santa/Snowman Stocking and [4] Cup & Saucer to leave something for Santa.

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