What didn't get blogged...

Happy Friday! Here is my usual Friday post where I think of all the things I wanted to write about but I didn't have a chance ...

  • I love twine and when I saw this photo [above] I fell in love with it even more. [Found here] - they used Divine Twine and tied it to the base of balloons. It's Aubrey's Birthday on Sunday so maybe I'll find some time to accomplish this.
  • I'm done my fun campaign of sponsored posts with Canadian Tire. My blog posts are showing up on the Canadian Tire site, which is kind of a huge deal to me. Love it. :)
  • It's Christmas Party weekend over here - we're attending a few Holiday Parties, one at my Dad's club, and another at the Board of Trade on Sunday. The season is in full swing!
And last, but certainly not least I want to tell you that Registration for BlogPodium (Blogs + Media) is open! I'm really, really excited about this because I ache to talk with like minded people. Learning together, debating, talking - it's wonderful. I really love blogging - I don't take myself, or my blog too seriously but it is hard for me to ignore that blogging has had a huge positive impact on my life ... so why not seek out others that love it too? I really hope that if you have a blog and find this topic interesting, you will join us, because it's meant to bring people together. 40 people already registered! [It's free!]


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