My Kitchen Is Almost Famous! Check Her Out!

Hi friends, family and perhaps not so friendly people.
(I have no idea)
You may remember a few months back when I posted this little teaser post?
Perhaps you don't.

Either way...
I can now tell you that I have been prepping, coaching, pushing my kitchen into stardom!
I shined her surfaces and liberally applied mounds of makeup.
When all was said and done I gave her a shove and let her spread her wings and fly!

Where did she fly you ask?
Into the current issue of This Old House!

Hooray for my little gal!

Now I must gripe.
(there is a gripe with everything)
I took the photo's myself.
They are horrible.
The look even worse in the magazine.

Enough of that.

I am proud of my lady for (almost) completing her makeover on a strict, as-we-could-do-it budget.
Thank you This Old House for showing her off!



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