DIY magazine storage

While we plan for some bigger changes - new flooring upstairs and some living room tweaks downstairs - I've had some time to focus on getting organized. While I won't torture you with a post about cleaning out the garage (you're welcome), I thought I'd share a little project I completed over the weekend. Hopefully I'm not the only one holding onto a stack of magazines (or three). To help contain the mess, I picked up a few inexpensive magazine holders at Staples and fancied them up with a little wrapping paper and washi tape.

The wrapping paper had a grid pattern on the inside, which made it easy to measure and cut to size. I attached it to the magazine holder using double-sided tape and then trimmed the edges with some leftover washi tape from our wedding. It was surprisingly easy - and cheap - and it looks so much better than having magazines stashed all over the house!


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