What didn't get blogged about

My Friday post is a little later than unusual. But there is some fun news that you may have seen on twitter: Our kitchen renovation is being captured for the TV show Cityline. This past week they came to film the "Before" and when our renovation is complete - they will come back to film the final reveal. (Which, may, you never know, may also be tied in with a magazine) Appliances come next week so Monday I'll show you what we've picked! Yay! Still a long ways to go in terms of the design process.

Unrelated to the filming, I got picked as the Cityline Blogger of the month. It's fun being interviewed and hope you take a peek.  I have to say the question about my photography made me sad for a moment :( Anyhow, it's a really nice interview. See you Monday. xo Linds


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