Paper terrariums

When Nicole shared this gorgeous terrarium postcard set from Quill and Fox, I immediately envisioned the cute prints in frames, hanging in our bathroom. I picked up four VIRSERUM frames at Ikea last week and last night I got to hanging.

A pretty simple project - in anyone else's house - but the area above our toilet (where I hung the prints) was filled with hard-to-remove plastic wall anchors (there must have been a cabinet hanging there at some point), so I had some patching and painting to do first.

I've yet to come across an easy way to remove plastic wall anchors, so I just hammer them into the wall and patch the dent. I'm sure it's not at all what you're supposed to do, but it's easy and it works for me.

Since the mats that came with the frames were too large for the postcards, I just flipped the ad page in the frame and mounted the postcard on that. I like how the grey tint compliments the wall colour. Oh, and I lightly traced the inside edge of each mat with a black coloured pencil, just because I thought it looked better than the white on white on white.

I still need to add a few things to the tank lid to fill up the empty wall space - maybe some magazine storage? A pretty vase filled with blooms?

Here's another view - snapped while standing in front of the vanity mirror. At first I was tempted to add two more frames and call it a day, but from this view I think that would be overload (the frames are actually larger in real life if that makes sense). A few well-chosen objects would add interest (and maybe some colour) and help fill out the space. What do you think?


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