Pool Redo - DAY 5

Day 5 was 1 rock guy (no idea what his profesional title would be) cutting and placing the rock (coping) around the edges of the pool.
What is up with the one guy thing?
How lonely and boring.

I am for sure already liking the tile better with the rock against it.
I'm sure everyone is breathing a sigh of relief.
(Seriously, how shallow is it that I didn't care for the tile around my pool? Wow.)

Breathed another sigh of relief that the water rising in our pool was because the first crew had plugged the drain and drilled pressure holes in the bottom of the pool so the water below is seeping up.
Actually a good thing.
Uh, don't ask me why.
It was before 9am that our contracter was telling me this.
I'm no morning ray of sunshine let me tell ya.

Spoiler Alert.
Work Day 6 will most likely be postponed until Monday since it rained (and turned cold) here today and most likely tomorrow.

Perhaps I wil find it in my heart to share something different tomorrow.

Do you ever click on the little "ABC" check mark box up there to see how bad your spelling is and nothing turns yellow?
Then you wonder if your spelling was so bad that it didn't recognize the word.
Or your spelling was really good.
Or the little "ABC" check mark box isn't working.
You let me know will ya?


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