Pool Redo - DAY 7

And the congregation said...
This I know.
It's the low down and the skinny though.
If you redo your pool...
somedays they just do grout.
(could be the title of a book huh?)

Yes indeedy, that is what they did on SUNNY DAY 7.
Can I get a hollah for the fact that it is now daylight savings too??
I'll do it myself.
Yes, some people DO call me The Little Red Hen!

Anyway, I was saying.
The put the grout stuff between Mr rock and Mrs. rock.
Rock on.

I am truly not that ignorant about cement, grout, mud...stuuuffff.
I just don't know if the same terms apply as when you are doing tile.
Also if anyone else was wondering about why they plug the drain and drill holes in the bottom of the pool....
(I was.)
To the best of my limited knowledge (okay fine, my father-in-laws) and without googling it .
(is "googling"  now a noun or a verb?)
They do this so that the pool does not rise up.
Water is underneith (duh) aand the pool is empty so this could cause much stress on a pool and even make it rise.
I soooo made that up.
(with my father-in-laws help. But not Google! Nay)
Sounds about right though?
Yeah I thought so.

I love blogging.
For jusy one moment before I hit "publish post" then I am the smartest person in the world and no one can argue with me.

Once I publish then it's on like donkey kong.

Yeah, I need to go.



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