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I forgot to show you something that came in handy over here when researching counter tops. I save things from magazines (remember, I tear things out and toss the magazines?) Well, in my kitchen file there was this helpful breakdown of counter tops from House & Home Magazine in 2006. I've scanned it so you too can review it if you'd like to gain some knowledge of counter styles.

  • The One of a Kind Spring Show starts next week. I'm going to be one of the judges in an art competition. Yay! How fun is that!?
  • I think I'm going to order that sample of the Cambria Quartz to see if I like it in our house. Although I'm leaning to marble, Aubrey isn't because of the durability factor. So we're going to try to find a compromise.
  • We're loving the appliances, I must show you in more detail next week
  • This week someone commented in my blog post, she dislikes when I do the "Read More" on my posts. Sadly it wasn't very nicely writen. I'm open to critique and comments, but have we lost manners online? If you start off a post saying "I'm not trying to be rude" or "Don't take offense" .... it doesn't make what you're about to write less rude. Anyways that whole thing brings me to ... did you notice that I updated my blog a little bit? The text area is wider and the header changed a bit. More changes coming up over the next few weeks. ;-)

Have a great weekend! xo Lindsay


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