Art Resin / Epoxy

Over the last few years I have noticed an emerging trend of art that has a thicky shiny coating over it. After some research discovered that artists would pour an epoxy/resin over their art. As the epoxy dried it gave the art a wet, shiny look. But to the touch it was a hard, thick protective shell. 

Intrigued, I googled some more and I discovered that this process was easy to do - and the mixture was available to the public to buy. So about a year ago I bought some from with the intention to do some art. My order was delivered and truthfully I was a little bit nervous to tackle the project. Mixing chemicals isn't really something I'm awesome at (memories of grade 7 science class) - but I can tell you that after trying it, it is SUPER easy and the results are so fun. Really, any adult can do this. I made an art box with a photo of my brother (shown above). If you're interested in the process, more details after the jump.
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