making gold frames

When we were first married, I decorated our little apartment with a ton of black frames. When we moved into our current house the black frames seemed too dark against our beautiful white walls. Alternatively, white frames seemed to beachy and light wood felt too Mid Century Modern. I decided gold frames were what fit my house best - traditional, but when mixed with the right print it felt was modern and youthful.

The problem was 1. We had no money to invest in new frames and 2. Even if we did have the money,  I couldn't find nice looking gold frames anywhere in retail stores and custom made by a framer were well out of my budget.

Seeing as I had a LOT of black frames lying around, I decided to try my hand at transforming frames into what I wanted - a rich gold frame look. Now, although you could spray paint frames gold - I found that it ends up giving you a pretty flat look and it didn't impress me very much. So I found a trick to get the best looking gold frames ever...
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