Mellow yellow

Thanks to everyone who helped me choose a colour for our front door. Here it is, and with any luck, Hannah will give me some time to get started today - fingers crossed of course!

Adam was out of town with his band this weekend, so Hannah and I went to stay with his parents (I'm one of those lucky people with fantastic in-laws). It was so nice to have their help with Hannah, who was a little fussier than usual, plus they kept me well-fed and sent me home with a car full of goodies :) We also got to visit with Adam's brother and his girlfriend, who showed us the beginnings of their DIY kitchen renovation. They've got a great space to work with, the tough part will be deciding on a layout (lots of options!). They're going to let me share my two cents, so I can't wait to play around with a few ideas!

And while I didn't get to work on any projects this weekend, I did pick up a few supplies for projects I'm hoping to complete this week. Here's hoping I have some fun stuff to share with you soon!


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