Trick to making Ikea kitchen cabinets look custom...

Happy Monday. This above happened over the weekend. :) Aubrey is constructing the final piece of the kitchen - the valances*. Hooray! He has cut them and glued them together before we go ahead and install them on the upper cabinets.

This is another trick to making Ikea Cabinets look custom - we skipped  buying the molding that they offered at Ikea. Instead we went to our local lumber yard and found a trim style/size we liked and Aubrey is going to install them to hide the under cabinet lighting we installed.

When we paint the trim above the Benjamin Moore Paper Mache, they will blend in with the Ikea  cabinetry. Remember: Benjamin Moore's Paper Mache is a perfect match for Ikea's Adel doors. That tip is worth gold. Really.

*Ok, so I call them valances, others call them light rail moldings. What it is, is molding to hide the under cabinet lights.


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