Choosing a colour for the front door

Number 18 on my 30 Before Thirty list is "Paint the front door a bright colour" and here's why:

Yup, totally boring. There's a house I used to pass daily on my commute to work whose perfectly weathered shingles, dark green trim, white windows and yellow door I always admired.

This three year-old Google maps photo really doesn't do it justice (and yes, I'm aware that posting a photo of someone's house I grabbed off Google maps is totally sketchy). Sadly, our house lacks perfectly weathered shingles, but  it already has white siding and dark green accents. It just needs a yellow door.

So, I grabbed a bunch of paint swatches and took them home to compare. Standing outside our door, I nixed the ones that were too bright, too light, too orange, etc. and narrowed it down to three options.

The top colour is CIL's 'Rich Brocade'. It's a bit darker and has more of a mustard tone than the other two. The swatch below it is CIL's 'Yellow Fervor' and, below that, is a very similar, but slightly darker colour, Martha Stewart's 'Pencil Crayon'. Since I'm planning to paint the trim around the door the same dark green I used on the shutters, foundation and garage door, I want to make sure my yellow looks great next to it.

From a distance, they all read pretty similar, so I think I'd be happy with any of the three. I should also mention that we're planning to replace the doorknob with an ORB'd version and that light fixture is going to be replaced too. As for the planters, I can't wait to switch them out for some fall mums - how great will those look next to my yellow door?

There's one yellow I'm leaning towards, but I'd love to know what you think. Which one would you choose?


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