Adding The Small Touches

First of all, I have been having countless problems with blogger of late, so that is my first excuse....

Now,I apologize heartily for being so sporadic these days. I have been running around doing waaaay too many projects for which I am apologizing and enjoying the new warm weather for which I do not apologize at all! Spring has arrived in Texas and I am very thankful.

I am working on a new line of art for... something (shhh, I can't say yet) and decided to make one for myself.

In real life you can't tell that the "sea" is crooked.

In real life it makes me happy each time I see it on the wall.

In picture life it doesn't meet all my expectations, so I shall go gaze at it in real life again...

Hope your week is starting off jollier than ever!

I just had to link up to....

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