My Living Room Redo On A Budget

I've been crazy busy this week and part of it is the little project I call my living room. I am very embarrassed to say that the only "before" picture that I have is, well... what it looks like most days.

Here it goes, please don't judge too harshly :-)

I have lots of great reasons for it looking like this, see those little people in the background? One of them lives to make messes, it is his mission in life. Anyway...
Here it what it looked like when the previous owners lived here.

So, you get the idea and you are now ready to see what it looks like today.

I set out to redo my living room on a budget and succeeded with a total of roughly $47 dollars!

Really all I did was slap on lots of creamy white paint and add accessories mostly from Dollar Tree and of course Hobby Lobby!

I'm still playing around with stuff and will let you know when I hit the jackpot and find my final look.

I still have big plans for this room. New flooring, new paint, install a window that lets natural light in from an interior wall (hmm, not sure that one will work out). Lots of plans with no plan to do them right now!

Check back Friday and I'll give you the breakdown on the little details and my great side table from Craigslist! Tomorrow is We Can Do It Cheaper day too, so join in the fun!

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