It's so good to be green

Now you probably think I'm talking about the environment, but I'm not. I'm talking about the color green and how cute it can be. Green is the new red. Remember a few years ago when red was it. A touch here, a splash there... Here we go GREEN.

BERYN HAMMIL DESIGNS-Wine Country Portfolio traditional kitchen
I'm getting ready (getting ready, getting ready...) to paint my kitchen cabinets green, so these kitchen photo's are great inspiration to me.

Jessica Hall Associates traditional kitchen
You getting your green paint out yet?

Ana Williamson Architect-Princeton Road traditional kitchen
This is where I fell in love! I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful this kitchen looks. I don't have to though, look at it yourself!

kitchen remoldel
Don't want to go the full mile, just add a splash with accessories.

green pantry traditional kitchen
Paint just a hutch or pantry to show your green.

Green Paint traditional entry
A green wall says it all. The flowers are such a great touch to this little entry.

What do you have that's green?

On a side note, yesterday's "link party" didn't generate much "linking" but I'm not giving up and will try again next week (and the next week...). I still love the idea and hope to bring my own projects into the picture to show how we can do it cheaper! I will also be doing a giveaway next week that has to do with this whole idea, so be sure to keep checking in!


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