The Details of the Cheap stuff and My Lovely Craigslist table

I promised to share all the little details of where and how I did my living room on a $50 budget.

Here it goes...

My first great find was this cute little table and mirror on Craigslist for $20! (not so cute here and yes this is the garage, also the pool room, the play room, the laundry room and the storage room)

My mister was sweet and kind and sanded down the table for me with great care.

After a few layers of paint that I had on hand, I then stained and varnished it for this final look!

The Mirror received a new coat of paint from my boys bathroom, a greenish blue color.

I now turn my eyes to the little things.

The large picture I already had and just repainted and distressed the frame a little. The clocks are from Target (or Wal-Mart has them too) for just $3.99 each. So a whopping $12 bucks spent there. The chalkboard signs were so fun and easy, and I am really rather proud of them ;-) I took some trim that we had sitting around and cut them all into the same lengths, then I sanded down the edges a little to give them a more rounded look, then simply sprayed them and "seasoned" them with chalk then added some twine (stapled to the back) to hang them with. Total price, the cost of the chalkboard paint, $4.50.

We talked about these little eggs yesterday that cost me $1 from Hobby Lobby. The vase I picked up at Wal-Mart for $3 and the little bird was a Dollar Tree find that I repainted a creamy white. I also found that little figurine in the back at Dollar Tree and painted it as well. Total spent here = $6.

The shelves were previously black, so guess what? You know the answer, I painted them! The wreath base was from Dollar Tree and the greenery that I hot glued to it was from Hobby Lobby for $5 (however I didn't use all the greenery there but in a few spots as well as some for future use). The "W" was from Hobby Lobby for 99cents and I just painted it with some different shades of gray acrylics to give it more texture. The other little figurine is once more from Dollar Tree that I....painted.$8 spent here.

I repainted the terra cotta pot with some white paint then sanded it down a little, I then painted on the "No 1" and also lightly sanded. Cost = nothing.

I love milk bottles and my mom has graciously passed down her "vintage" milk bottle collection to me. I have never really got to use them until now. I took three of them and simply tied them together with twine then stuck some of my HL greenery in them. The Cost = the greenery already mentioned above.

I think it all came to around $49.50 or so. My goal was to keep it under $100, so I was very pleased!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to link up any great and cheap ideas you have to my "We Can Do It Cheaper' post!

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