The Landscape of your Table

A friend of mine was recently asking me about what to put on her new table and if I had any pictures. Do I have pictures? YES I have pictures!
So check out some of these different ideas for how to dress your table to look its best.

I am a complete sucker for Hydrangeas. Ahhhhh.... Obviously I'm not the only one. In all the pictures I looked at Hydrangeas were the number one choice for table dressing.
Mt. Baker traditional dining room

So much of it depends on the style of your room as well as the shape of your table. The length of this table as well as the style of the light fixture almost demand that you have something lengthy on it as well.
:: nicolehollis :: traditional dining room

Simple glass jars filled with with stems of fresh flowers is the perfect adornment for this chippy farm table.
Skona hem eclectic dining room

This long vase with flowers is simple, yet classic for this table.
Addition and Remodel traditional dining room

Sometimes mixing it up works great, as you can see in this eclectic room.
Stylish Responsibility Dining area eclectic dining room

Want a more formal look? This candelabra makes a statement in the room.
Napoli Dining Room traditional dining room

It grabbed my attention with it's simple accessories. I absolutely adore the little footed pewter bowl!
dining room asian dining room

Layla, from The Lettered Cottage knows how to dress a table perfectly as shown here and the next picture.
Lettered Cottage kitchen traditional dining room

The Lettered Cottage traditional dining room

Take elements from this adorable little room and create a beautiful dining area that comes across so cozy and bright.

As you can see, fresh flowers are always a good choice!
Lafayette Residence One contemporary dining room

The great thing about dressing the table is that it's so easy and fun to change out! You can easily welcome the season with just a few changes to your table scape.

So tell me what's on your table? Can you guess what's on mine? I'll give you a hint, it starts with an "h"!


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