How Do You Hobby Lobby?

So yesterday I was at Hobby Lobby.
*do you hear bells? I swear I hear bells chiming each time I type "Hobby Lobby"*
As I was saying... My dear husband waited in the car as I "ran in real quick" to the blessed store (bless him as well, really, for it was not "real quick").

As I was walking out I peaked over my bags and observed a woman walking into the store. Her arms were crossed tightly in front and she was walking quickly but without enthusiasm.

And it made me think....


I will give you some choices:

1. as the woman I described above. (are you ill, was there a death in the family?)

2. with a bounce in your step, arms swinging by your side and a slightly mental smile on your face? (aaahhhhh, now that's more like it.)

3. as you're pulling up into the parking lot your door comes open with such force that it pops the hinges. You come flying out, hair askew and car still in the "D" position. Other customers clear a path for you as your paint splattered arms reach out to sweep items off the shelves. Your excitement reaches a feverish pitch as you pay and scream out "I ONLY SPENT $325.82?!!! Then you head back for more.
Somewhere out there in the parking lot your little minivan is doing donuts. (now that's what I call a true Hobby Lobbyer!!! Thumbs up to you my friend!)

So how did you spend your weekend? Leave a comment to tell me what you love about Hobby Lobby and if you don't have one in your area then we'll send out the National Guard.
Then scroll down and leave another comment for my giveaway, while you're at it click on "Become a Hobby Lobby Fanatic Follower Right Now".

P.S. Did you know you can shop online as well?


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