We Can Do It Cheaper & A Giveaway

Have I told you how much I love Pottery Barn?
Well I do.
They have so many great things. Here is one of them...

Pottery Barn

Aren't they cute?
You could fill them with so many things, in so many rooms.
So how would you feel about having some of your own?
In keeping with my Thursday theme of "We Can Do It Cheaper", I'm doing a giveaway.
So now is your chance to have some almost just like them.

I can't find them on Pottery Barn's website anymore, but I found some on Ebay for $69.99.

Though etiquette tells us never to let one know the price spent on a gift... well, that ain't the we way we roll on with We Can Do It Cheaper. I spent $6 on jars (half off at Hobby Lobby) and $1.99 on enamel paint.

Because I didn't want to spend more money on stencils, I did the numbers freehand, then scratched through them with my fingernail.

To throw your name in the hat to win these numbered jars then all you need to do is...
1) Leave a comment to be entered 1 time
2) Let me know if you're a follower to be entered 2 times
3) Add a link about my giveaway on your blog to enter a 3rd time (and of course let me know that you did!)
The drawing will close next Thursday, March 18 at 11:59 PM Central Time and a Winner will be announced on Friday, March 19th.

NOTE:this drawing is only for the 3 jars, you cannot have my flour or spatulas, I might use them someday...:-)

Thank you Misty, The Gress Family, Ashley and my cute friend Blair for posting about my giveaway on their blogs!!

And last but certainly not least, please link up with your own We Can Do It Cheaper project. I would love to see what you have done! There is nothing that lights a fire more than getting inspiration from others.
Be sure to just link your We Can Do It Cheaper project and not the link to your blog.

Visit thecsiproject.com


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