{29 weeks} Nursery shelves

As soon as I finished sewing the curtains for the nursery, I couldn't wait to install the floating shelves I found at Home Depot over the weekend. We contemplated making our own shelves, but when I saw these for $17.99 each, I decided I had enough DIY projects in the works.

Since we have a combination of plaster walls and oddly-spaced studs in the nursery, I decided to forgo the hardware that came with the shelves and picked up some heavier-duty metal anchors (I hung all four shelves by myself, so anyone can do it). After lots of measuring and level-checking, the shelves were up and it was time to play around with some of the art and accessories I've been collecting for the room (aka the fun part).

The vintage globe is from my favourite local antique shop, Urban Cottage, the yellow giraffe - my first nursery purchase - is from Chapters, the giraffe print is from this Etsy shop, and the numbers print is by the very-talented Lindsay (love it!). My mom has already started the baby's book collection (she's a former teacher) and she's been saving books for me and my brothers to read to our kids, so I'll be adding some of those to the shelves too. The dog piggy bank (or is it just a doggy bank?) belonged to my older brother when he was a little boy - I don't even know if they make piggy banks like this anymore. Obviously I'm still adding things to the shelves, but I'm super excited now that the room is starting to come together. Fingers crossed for nice weather this weekend so I can tackle my crib project...

And since I haven't posted a picture of my growing belly in awhile, here you go:

{29 weeks}
I'm getting bigger, but feeling great. I've noticed some slight swelling in my feet (but near my toes, as opposed to my ankles), usually after a long day, so I'm trying to remember to put my feet up now and then. I still have lots of energy, though I'm forcing myself to take more breaks and nights off from projects so I don't tire myself out. People keep telling me I'm all belly (with the exception of one woman who said she could tell my face was starting to swell - it's not, but thank you for saying I have a chubby face), but my upper thighs now rub together when I walk and yes, I bought myself a package of men's boxer briefs to wear under dresses and skirts. Pregnancy is NOT glamorous folks!

It's funny though, as big as I feel some days, I've probably never been this content with my body. Maybe it's because I know my body is doing exactly what it needs to do and I'm supposed to be getting bigger, so I'm not looking in the mirror and worrying about what's where or how big this or that is. It's incredibly freeing.


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