DIY bathroom reno reveal

During our recent road trip, we made a stop in Kingston, ON to visit our very talented friends Anne-Claire and Martin. Not only are they both brilliant (Martin just completed his PhD and Anne-Claire is well on her way to finishing hers), they're also skilled DIYers and renovators. They were nice enough to let me snap a few photos of their amazing bathroom makeover to share with you AND they fed me a seriously delicious lunch (the way to any pregnant woman's heart).

Here's what they started with:

The original tub, sink and toilet were crowded along one side of the room, creating an awkward-looking alley as you entered the bathroom (the first photo above shows the original view from the doorway). So they completely gutted the room and started over, keeping only the toilet. Oh, and the only work they hired out was the moving of the plumbing.

After a good scrubbing, the toilet was moved next to the window, where the tub used to be. I love the simple window covering they chose, which offers much-needed privacy and still lets in tons of light.

It's hard to choose a favourite feature in the room, but this Craigslisted dresser-turned-vanity just may be it. It brings a beautiful warm tone to the room and offers a much better view from the doorway than the blank wall of before. Oh, and how gorgeous is that light fixture?

The vanity provides lots of storage space, since Martin managed to salvage all of the drawers with some clever carpentry to accommodate the sink's plumbing.


The gorgeous new tub and shower offer some serious competition to the vanity. Martin did all the tiling himself and I'm pretty sure this was his first tiling job.

The tub now sits where the sink and toilet used to be, and a panel of frosted glass takes advantage of all the light coming in through the large window. On a sunny day, Anne-Claire says it feels like you're showering outdoors.

I wish I could make a trip back to Kingston before they sell their house (they're moving at the end of the summer), because they've done equally amazing work in their kitchen and a second bathroom, and Martin's in the process of installing and hand-finishing gorgeous pine floors throughout. Maybe they'll snap some photos for us (hint, hint)...


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