Organizing your sewing supplies

Recently I volunteered to take on a few sewing projects for family and friends. Coupled with my own sewing projects, it basically meant that we couldn't eat dinner without clearing the dining room table of fabric and thread first. And if that was bad, my sewing basket was even worse:

{try finding a spare bobbin in there}
Then I remembered the small desk Adam's parents gave us a while ago, currently sitting unused in our "guest room" (I'm using quotation marks because it's actually just a room filled with tools and other random stuff at the moment). When the guest room is actually a guest room, this small desk will make a perfect sewing table (and I can easily stash my sewing machine in the closet when we have guests).

The desk has one large drawer that is basically the same size as the tabletop. While I was cleaning it out to make room for my sewing stuff, I found a package of paper placemats I bought at Homesense ages ago - on clearance for $3! I chose one of the four designs and used some spray adhesive and an exacto knife to cover the bottom of the drawer.



I used some dishes I found in a box in the "guest room" to organize my sewing supplies (yes, my collection of buttons is out of control - I picked through them after I took this picture and purged at least half).

{everything in its right place}
The next step (after finishing the room of course) will be turning the closet into a functional storage space. I'd love to hang my fabric pieces, and a few boxes or baskets could store things like craft paints, glue, punches, mat cutting supplies, etc.


I also need a place to store gift bags and wrapping paper and I love this idea from Brooklyn Limestone.


The closet will have a curtain panel for a door, so I'll have to make use of a wall inside the closet instead.

Where do you store your craft and sewing supplies? Any suggestions?


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