Style at Home's cottage style issue

We don't have cable, so whenever I travel for work I always take advantage of the opportunity to watch a little decorating tv in my hotel room. Since my work trip last weekend, I've been going through decorating tv withdrawal, so I was extra happy to see the latest issue of Style at Home in my mailbox.

I try to limit my magazine subscriptions and I've found that Style at Home is one those decor magazines I know I'll find inspiration in every month (this seems like a good time to mention that I'm not being paid or perked to write this - I just like sharing stuff I like).

One of my favourite monthly features is the very blog-inspired 'stylenews'. How cute is this month's DIY project, which uses paint to mimic the look of grosgrain ribbon on a vintage picnic basket?

I've been crushing on mint for awhile - in fact I'm thinking about painting our kitchen cupboards mint. If you don't want to go that far, minty accessories are a great low-cost, low-commitment way to enjoy the trend.

If you've seen our master bedroom, you know our bed sits in front of a window. I was super excited to come across this photo and I'd love to find a similar headboard for our bed. I wonder if I can convince my husband to start stopping at yard sales...

There are so many beautiful cottages in this issue (all of which are about a million times nicer than my actual house). This summer home is probably my favourite - just look at that view!

This issue also gives a shoutout to my city - Halifax! The article mentions one of Halifax's tastiest cafes - Two If By Sea - along with the incredibly awesome Hydrostone Market (home to Halifax's arguably best pizza). Anyone planning a trip to Halifax soon?

So which decorating magazines do you subscribe to? Any recommendations? I've been thinking about adding Better Homes & Gardens to my list, so I'd love to hear from any subscribers out there. 


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