a special spot in toronto...

Taking a break from the reno talk, buying things, and shopping, here is a picture from one of my favourite places in Toronto - Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens. It's a magical garden that has twists and turns and the most amazing collection of trees, plants, herbs and flowers. As a young child I'd pick tulips from the trails and bring them home for my Mom. One winters night after a huge ice storm I remember my Dad and I braving the cold to walk to this park to do some photography. This part of Toronto holds so many memories - many of which I had forgotten until I walked back into the park with Oscar this week. Funny how that happens. I won't lie, I got a bit teary eyed while walking through it. Maybe it was how much the trees had grown, and the plants were a lot bigger than I had remembered them. It made me realize how much time had passed since I last walked through the park - and also, how much I missed this area of the city.

Toronto has some lovely spots that take you away from the hustle and bustle of it all, and this is definitely one of the gems in the city. If you're in Toronto and have yet to experience this park, I recommend that this Summer you take a little trip. It really is lovely. xo Lindsay


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