Hey Monday

  1. Wildflowers picked from the woods behind my mom's house.
  2. Also from my mom's house, these books were among the many she's been saving for my future children. The jackets may be worn, but the pages are still perfect and I love the idea of reading my child some of the very same books my parents read to me once. The ceramic elephant was a $13 impulse buy  at Homesense.
  3. I was at Homesense looking for a large basket to store books and toys in the nursery. I found this one for $24.99 and it's perfect. Our cat likes hiding in it too.
  4. A cold weather snap didn't stop the lettuce I planted last weekend from sprouting. So far, so good.
It rained for most of the weekend, which is usually an excuse to relax around here. We squeezed in a short visit with Adam's parents, stopped by my mom's house, ran a few errands, Adam's band played a show (I went), and we watched a few movies too. That may not sound relaxing, but it really was. I even made crepes for breakfast (my current favourite).

How was your weekend?


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