Easy Rustic "Subway" Art

I'm not sure that I would necessarily classify this as Subway Art, but you get the idea.
And for those of you who want to make your own art but need a shortcut...
...here's your answer
the white ones are ones that I "made" out of other letters that I was not using
 since there wasn't enough of each letter that I needed.

I made the mistake of getting letters that were NOT precut.
It took me hours to cut them out but I was determined to do this project for pennies.
(they are vinyl letters that you would put on your mailbox, but make sure you buy letters that are cut out and not blocks)
Next up lay them out on your prepared board(s).
I used some that I had laying around and just stained them.
Figure out how they will fit.
Once I figured out my layout then I took a level and drew lines to make everything nice and even.
I then stuck my letters on, using my lines as guides.

sorry about the blurry photo

I taped off the sides because I wanted them to remain stained and not painted.

I then took my paintbrush and started blotting the paint on.
I tried not to brush at all so that I wouldn't get any paint under the edges of my letters.

This was the part that Jack called "magic".
I carefully peeled each letter off...

It didn't turn out perfect.
That's okay.
The reminder that it brings is worth each crooked line and letter.


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