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If you've followed along the process of the kitchen you'll know that one of the biggest decisions for me was what to pick for the counter. I liked the look of Carrara marble but didn't want the hastle of the upkeep, or the possibility of "patina" so it came down to the three options.

So I can tell you what I didn't pick. I ruled out almost immediately Corian Rain Cloud as although I loved the look I didn't like the way it felt to the touch. I felt as though it was too soft for a kitchen countertop. Next on the list - although I liked the feeling of the Cambria Torquay (it's a quartz), I felt had too much veining for our small kitchen. The pattern felt too bold for me. I always kept going back to Caesarstone in Misty Carrara (Style # 4141) and after seeing it used in a larger project (vs. just the small sample) I was sold. And I'm SO in love with it. It's perfect.

There are a lot of things to consider when doing a countertop. Instead of breaking it into a lot of different posts I wanted to keep it all as one so this is a REALLY lenghy post with more pictures and details on the whole process of the countertop ordering. If you're in the market for a counter you may find this post helpful. For everyone else, I just thought you'd enjoy this photo above showing the counter! Yay! Love it.

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