Summer Pinterest Challenge: DIY stenciled closet

When I heard about the Summer Pinterest Challenge, I knew it was the kick in the butt I needed to check another nursery project off my list. But let's get straight to the reveal, shall we?

Last week, the closet looked like this:

Fully functional, but in need of a little sumthin', sumthin'. I pinned this tutorial for chevron potato stamp art ages ago, thinking it would be a cute art project for the nursery.

source: strawberry chic
But while looking through all the amazing stenciled closet ideas on Pinterest, I decided to skip the frame and go straight for the wall instead. Since most of the closet is hidden from view I'm lazy, I focused on the area behind my shelving.

I drew a parallelogram on my potatoes and cut out three stencils - one for each colour.

Using a ruler and pencil, I drew several very faint guidelines on my wall (my rows still got a little wonky in places, so next time I'd probably skip the guidelines and just slow down). I used some craft paints I already had on hand and blotted my potato stamp on some paper towel before pressing it to the wall to keep things from getting too goopy. Early on, I realized the colours I'd chosen would fade into the background once the shelves were full of clothes, so I decided to stick with just one colour - silver.

As you can see, my stenciling is far from perfect, but I like it that way. To me, that's kind of the deal with potato stamps and I embraced drips, gaps and wonky rows.

The shelves will eventually be filled with more clothing and probably a few baskets or boxes so I don't have to worry about neatly folding everything - I just threw a few things on there for photos :)

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