Potted plants for summer

I hope my US family, friends and readers had a great holiday yesterday! During the Canadian long weekend, while buying some tomato transplants for the garden, I couldn't resist grabbing a few annuals for the planters outside our front door (since last year's lavender plants were long dead).

Planters are such an easy and inexpensive way to boost your home's curb appeal - and the options are limitless. I decided to have fun with a little pink this year, a colour I seem to be loving lately.

These photos were taken right after I finished planting (and just as it started to downpour). The impatiens were pretty unhappy-looking when I bought them, but they're already looking healthier. Here's hoping I can keep these babies alive for the rest of the summer (my track record with potted plants = not so good)!

Do you have any tips for planters? Which plants have you had the most success with?


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