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I love this photo. It was snapped two months ago on May 29th - 3 days after BlogPodium wrapped up and it was Oscar's birthday morning.  He was so excited to have balloons waiting for him in the kitchen and he kept pulling on the strings making them bounce against the ceiling. Apart from his excitement in this photo, do you notice anything else?  Take a peek at the banner.

I hadn't noticed the error on his birthday banner until later on that day. I remember initially laughing at my mistake but then quickly feeling deflated because I hadn't notice the obvious spelling mistake. I was exhausted from burning the candle at both ends for a very long time. For the past 4 months I was also mourning the loss of my Dad, running after an active two year old and running multiple businesses. It was the first moment where I realized things were catching up with me. And I obviously needed a break.
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