Maximizing storage in a tiny closet

Last time we talked, the nursery closet looked like this:

Not great, but a definite improvement over this:


After removing the existing closet rod and painting the walls, shelf and trim, we went to look for an affordable closet organization system and came home with this 7-shelf closet tower.

The tower is actually composed of two smaller towers that attach to one another with wooden dowels. I measured where I wanted the new tower to go and set the bottom tower in place (the closet floor isn't level, so I had to shim one side of the tower to make it level).

Since I wanted to keep the exisiting shelf (it was already a good size and at a good height for my short self), I measured the distance from the top of the tower to the bottom of the shelf and Adam cut the second tower down to size using our table saw.

To secure it, I screwed through the top of the existing shelf (which I nailed in place) into the sides of tower #2 (tower #2 was attached to tower #1 with the wooden dowels that came with the shelving kit). I also used a couple of brackets to attach the tower to the wall to give it some more stability.

With the tower in place, I measured and installed the new closet rods (the kit came with three, so I still have one leftover) and the rest of the shelves. I also had Adam cut a small piece of wood from one of the leftover pieces to use as a permanent shim, which I glued in place.

Ta da!

For $30, we've really maximized the storage space in this tiny closet - and there's even a spot to tuck the diaper pail out of sight.

Now for the fun part, filling the closet with tiny clothes :)


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