DIY wall hooks

While walking the beach this weekend, I found an old plank of wood that was perfect for an entry-way project I'd been dreaming about lately. So when we got home, I turned it into this:

This project couldn't be easier - I bought some hooks at Home Depot for ~$4 a piece and attached them to my board, then attached the board to the wall (there are lots of hangers to choose from, but I recommend using flush mount hangers, like the ones in this post).

Although we have an entryway closet, it's nice to be able to keep some things - like the dog's leash and my bag - out in the open and off the floor/countertop/dining room table. I'm on the lookout for a basket that will sit on the floor (the vent doesn't actually work) to store umbrellas, rain boots, etc. Love turning a previously unused space into a functional storage spot!


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