DIY chalkboard storage bins

I recently spotted this fun storage idea at Bed, Bath & Beyond, but at $55.99 it was way more than I was willing to spend on what is essentially a large wooden box.
I decided to try making something similar for the closet in our entry-way, so I picked up four plastic storage bins at the dollar store (for $2 each). They offered plenty of room to store hats, gloves, dog toys, and other random things you might need on your way out the door, and they're lightweight, so they'll be easy to move on and off the high closet shelf.

I found some chalkboard paint at my local art store, and followed the instructions on the bottle. It was super easy - just roll on a thin coat of paint, leave it to dry for an hour, then roll on a second coat of paint and let the whole thing cure for 24 hours (since I was working with plastic, I let it cure for 48 hours to be on the safe side).

Once your 24 hours is up, lightly rub some chalk on the surface, wipe it clean with a damp cloth, and you're good to go!   

I went for a messier look, but you could just as easily use tape to create a clean rectangle (or any other shape). Here's how the finished bins look in our not-yet-finished closet (more on that soon).

And here's the all-important budget breakdown.


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