Exterior paint update

Yesterday was a holiday in Canada, and in Nova Scotia, it was the first sunny day in awhile (gotta love when the two coincide). I took full advantage of the opportunity to get rid of the hideous green paint covering our garage door, foundation and even some of the exterior trim (the old homeowners painted one corner of one of the shutters before running out of steam, or green paint). I actually started a couple of weeks ago by painting the trim of our front-facing living room windows (I used Manor Hall exterior paint in Moonlit Snow).

Is it perfect? No. But it's a huge improvement until we have the $$ to replace these windows with energy-efficient ones. Yesterday, I tackled the foundation. I used Manor Hall exterior paint in Dark As Night (the paint looks black from afar, but it has green undertones that give it a slightly warmer feel). The pressure washing we gave the house a couple of weeks ago helped too (check out the close-up of all that dirt and grime, ew).

We still need to paint the shutters and window trim (and replace the rain gutter), but it's already a huge improvement. And as you can just barely see in the picture above, we're slowly adding plants - albeit small ones, haha - to that side of the house (next weekend we're hoping to add mulch and a few more plants to fill it out). Check out my blooming rhodo - so pretty!

Finally, I painted the garage door, starting with the trim, which the old homeowners had covered in green paint. I love the contrast between the brick, white trim, and dark door - now we just need a new light fixture.

Here's a shot of the front so you can see how it's coming along. I can't wait to paint the shutters and I'm hoping to add some colour by painting the front door (I'm open to suggestions, so please share). Not bad for a weekend's work.


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