Painted dresser DIY

Adam's parents gave us this old wooden dresser months ago. It's very sturdy, with good lines and cute detailing on the top drawer front. But it was scratched and worn, and in need of a DIY paint job.

I started by removing the knobs and lightly roughing up the surface with 100 grit sandpaper. Next, I rolled on a thin coat of primer and left it to dry. When the primer was dry, I rolled on two thin coats of Sico furniture paint, which I had tinted to match Pittsburgh Paints Aloe Vera (209-3). When it comes to painting furniture, remember that multiple thin coats are always better than one thick and gloopy one.

I left it to dry overnight, then replaced the hardware with some brushed nickel knobs I had lying around (when we got rid of one of the dressers in our bedroom, I actually thought to save the knobs for future use). I also took the opportunity to wax the drawer rails so our guests wouldn't have to struggle with sticky drawers.

I LOVE how this project turned out. I won't reveal how much time I spent basking in the glow of the finished product (i.e. staring at it), but the colour reminds me of pistachio ice cream (yum) and that only made it harder to look away. I'm almost jealous of my future guests...

I joined the 'Before and After' link party at Thrifty Decor Chick.


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