Getting In Touch With My Inner Seamstress And My Janome Jem Gold Plus Trim And Stitch

I have failed to mention that something very special happened to me a few weeks ago.

My sewing machine quit working.

Special huh?
Well this gave me a reason to start on the fantastic hunt for a new one. After searching, asking, getting frustrated and so much more, I settled on this one.
To say that I have fallen in love is an understatement. I'm not sure if I love it so much because it just does what I ask it to do, or for the fact that it's a new machine and my old one was probably considered an antique.

This is a Janome Jem Gold Plus Trim and Stitch, which means it has a simple little attachment so that you can make it do light serging. Cool huh.

Anyway, this has opened new windows for me as an acclaimed seamstress. I plan on going places with my talent now!
Just kidding, but I have managed to whip some things up so far.

One of my nieces had a very special birthday and I wanted to make her something. Not sure that it's special, but now she knows I'm still alive and I think of her:-)
I'm not sure if this little dress is coming or going. Originally I made it for my newest niece, but it didn't quite turn out as I had hoped. We'll see...
Making flowers is snap now and I'm having fun putting them on everything! (I'm trying to avoid embellishing my boys clothes with them so far)

Now I just need to clean up the huge mess that I tend to make whenever I sew.

Scratch that, tornado sirens going off again. *sigh* Living in Texas is never boring!


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